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Bicycle Analyzer Data Form

Enter your bicycle's gear values, pedaling cadence and wheel diameter and this program will calculate all your gear ratios and speeds, and analyze the design of your transmission.

Just follow these instructions:
  1. Make a list of the number of sprocket teeth on your bike's front and rear sprockets.
  2. Measure your bike's wheel diameter.
  3. If you want, measure your pedaling cadence (one revolution in one second = 60 RPM).
  4. Type in your values below.
  5. Press "Analyze my bike" at the bottom of the form.
Remember: after you press "Analyze my bike," you can use your browser's "back" button to return to this form with your entries unchanged.

Also: if you are not familiar with the the metric system, please don't try to use it. I have answered literally hundreds of e-mails, mostly from Americans, who think their wheels are 700 cm in diameter — that's about 23 feet.

Chart Title
Wheel Diameter   in.  cm
Pedaling Cadence  RPM

Front Sprocket Teeth
Rear Sprocket Teeth
Front Gear 1  Rear Gear 1 
Front Gear 2  Rear Gear 2 
Front Gear 3  Rear Gear 3 
Front Gear 4  Rear Gear 4 
If you have fewer gears than shown,
just leave the unused spaces blank.
Rear Gear 5 
Rear Gear 6 
Rear Gear 7 
Rear Gear 8 
Rear Gear 9 
Rear Gear 10 
Rear Gear 11 
Rear Gear 12 

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