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 Notes for the Java / JavaScript Programs

P. Lutus -- Message Page --

© Copyright 1996, P. Lutus

Explanation: Some of my online applications are written in Java, some in JavaScript.

JavaScript is an interpreted language. The source code for a JavaScript program is located in the HTML page, not in a separate file. This means if you download a copy of the HTML page to your computer, it will run the same as it does while you are connected to the Internet.

Java is a compiled language and requires some additional files known as "class files." When you view an HTML page that hosts a Java applet, the class files are downloaded automatically and are located in your browser's file cache.

If you think one or more of these programs might be useful to you on your own computer, just make a copy for yourself (and read about CareWare ). To make a copy of one of the programs, just choose the program you want, go to your browser's file menu and select "Save as ...".

For the Java pages, you will also have to either (1) get the required class files out of your browser's file cache, or (2) download the ZIPped package I usually provide on the hosting page.

If you want the pages to look just like they do while online, you have to copy the page graphics also. To save a graphic image, just point at the graphic, right-click your mouse, and choose "Save graphic as ..." or "Save picture as ..." depending on your browser.

JavaScript Re-posting Policy: If you want one of the JavaScript programs to appear in your Internet site, please do not copy the page — make a link instead. Most people (myself included) do not want copies to be made to other Internet sites, but are happy to have links to the original pages. This also means that if I change the script, say to correct an error, your link will always point to the most up-to-date version.

In the original HTML code, a link looks like this: <A HREF="http://www.arachnoid.com/lutusp/weight.htm">Are you Overweight?</A>

When this link is displayed on a browser, it looks like this: Are you Overweight? (point at the link with your mouse and read your browser's status line to see where the link points)

Java Re-posting Policy: Most of the programs that were originally written in JavaScript have been rewritten in Java. This was done because I couldn't prevent people from taking the pages, removing my copyright notice, and claiming them as their own.

The good news is you can take the Java programs and re-post them on your site , with appropriate credit to me. Why? Because each Java application has a built-in copyright notice that appears on the browser's status bar when you move the mouse cursor across the application. If the copyright notice is removed, the application stops working.

Even though this re-posting policy exists, you are still better off making a link to the original page — this saves work, your site doesn't have to store the page, and if I improve the page, your "copy" is automatically updated.

The Java / JavaScript programs at arachnoid.com are © Copyright 1996-1997, P. Lutus.
I don't want your money -- I want you to read about CareWare instead.

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