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A Perfect Day
Alaska 2011
  • Territory: Washington State, British Columbia, Alaska
  • Time: April - August, 4500 miles traveled
  • Vessel: "Teacup", Nordic Tug 37
  • Primary Activity: Wait for a break in the clouds.

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Picture Gallery

Here are some images and explanatory notes for select pictorial highlights of the cruising season.

Landscape near Cape Spencer in southeast Alaska

Early morning scene at Geographic Harbor on the Alaska Peninsula

Some representative geology at Geographic Harbor

A cautious mama bear and cub at Geographic Harbor

Imitation at Geographic Harbor

A remarkable image of a brown bear print (left) and a moose print (right) in the snow near Homer

Icy Bay: as I motored past, these three moose somewhat mysteriously
came off the beach and tried to come out to my boat

Kodiak City on a sunny day, as seen from the top of Pillar Mountain

Contestants hit the water in Kodiak City's annual survival suit race

A beautiful mountain in Whale Pass west of Kodiak City

One of my favorite hikes: a mountain near Onion Bay on Raspberry Island

The view above Petersburg, southeast Alaska, looking toward British Columbia

A fearless deer in the terrain above Petersburg

A small lake on Bainbridge Island, Prince William Sound

Typical ice conditions near Columbia Glacier near Valdez, Prince William Sound

A pretty scene along the trail at Perry island, Prince William Sound


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